I Love Awards Season

Today’s workout:

Gym (because this outdoor winter weather is just the pooper). Warm up 20min on the crosstrainer.

And the real guts of the workout? Treadmill 30min (5 incline)

I had intended to do some strength training too. But I got lazy and went home. Looks like I’m off to a great start with this “no getting lazy anymore blog”.

But on to some important chatter for the day – SAG awards were on last night. Honestly, I could really care less who wins the majority of the awards (I really only pay attention to the “major” ones), but I just loove the red carpet. Seriously, if the Razzies had a red carpet, I’d probably get all geared up to watch. Didn’t Emily Blunt look phenom-pants? The green was just gorg. I was also impressed with Angie (she made a real recovery from that heinous dress she wore to the GGs). I’m not usually her biggest fan, but last night she just seemed to have that extra glow. Maybe she’s preggers again.










BTW, as a TOTAL aside – who’s bright idea was it to come out with a movie about a man on a ledge, called “Man on a Ledge”? Real clever Warner Bros.



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