They may look all cute and cuddly…

Today’s workout:

Warm-up: 5 min walk

Run 7.7km (my Garmin died 30 seconds into the run, so I have no clue what my pace was. And I mapped my run when I got home…phew)

I felt good running tonight – seemed to have a little extra energy and fell into my stride pretty quickly. I was going (at what felt like) a pretty solid pace, when out pops one of these little stinkers:







Isn’t it just the flippin’ cutest little thing ya ever seen? Hardly. Vicious I tell you. Vicious.


First of all, since when do raccoons live in major metropolises? You’d think they’d enjoy the great outdoors, where the birds are chirping and the mice are running. Secondly, is metropolises even a word?

Needless to say, me and “it”, as I will affectionately call the little guy, stared each other down for approximately a tenth of a second, until “it” realized there was no way on God’s green earth it was going to cross the street with the bustling traffic and all – so we parted ways: I kept on running and he, I’m sure went to find another trash can to dig in.

I’m now just thanking my lucky stars “it” wasn’t a skunk in a cranky mood. Although that said, it would have been a pretty great blog post.

I’ve heard stories of runners coming across foxes and bears before. What is the weirdest animal you have even run into?



One thought on “They may look all cute and cuddly…

  1. haha! I can’t picture a racoon downtown Toronto. That’s funny. I see deer all the time and they freak me out. There’s a big hill I like to run up and when I see deer, I always turn around and don’t finish the hill. I’m so scared they’re going to attack!

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