Winter running can be fun…

IF you dress appropriately.

Today’s workout:

Warm up: 3min walk (pretty much until my watch decided to wake up and start working)

Run outside: 4k (5.25 pace)

Lower body strength training: aka lunges and squats, lunges and squats, and yet even more lunges and squats. I think my legs wanted to murder me.

We’ve been pretty lucky in the snow department this year. Once I venture outside the city limits/smog territory it’s a different story, but still – lucky.

Regardless of whether there is snow on the ground or the air is frigid and freezing you can still enjoy a good run – but it’s all in how you bundle up. I actually prefer to run in cooler temperatures.

Disclaimer: this is not me. I’m not 40.

So what do you need for Winter running you say? Depending on the temperature it can change, but I think it’s SUPER DUPER important to layer. Sometimes when you start out it may seem cool, but you’ll get warm as you go. You may not sweat Lake Ontario when you run like me, but I promise you’ll get warmer.

A FANTASTIC product out there is Icebreaker – made of 100% merino wool. It’s amazing. For anything. And most of all it don’t smell. One bit. AND it doesn’t itch. AND it’s wicks the moisture away from your skin. Can’t get much better than that can ya?

It does its job when it’s close to your skin – so if you are wearing a polyester top as your base layer then a merino wool piece over top, it can’t do what it needs to do.

A couple extras to keep in mind: If it’s snowy or icy Yaktrax are also a great investment. They take some getting used to on the feeties, but you won’t be sorry. A jacket to break the wind can also be your best friend. I wear The North Face Windstopper Hybrid Jacket and love it.

Last but most definitely NOT least is COVER YOUR EXTREMITIES. This means hands and head! Some people say you lose most of your heat out of your head, others say this is a myth. Regardless, I’d rather focus on my running than focus on whether my ears are going to fall off half way through the run, or at the finish. Ladies you can still look stylish with a hat on.

Now let me introduce you to the newest member of the geek squad:












Are you a fan of winter running? Any tricks up your sleeve or products that you swear by?


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