Warning: All sidewalks are not even

Today’s workout:

Warm up: walk 2min

Run outside: 5.13k/5.58 pace/30:35

Zoned out, enjoying the abnormally mild weather for this time of year, and bam! I hit a pot hole. In the sidewalk. I had my moment – typically I’d probably start to tear up or yell loud enough the whole neighborhood could hear me, but surprisingly enough I let out a small yelp and kept going. Shocking.

I guess this is what you get when you run in the dark. But I just can’t help it this time of year. When I wake in the morning before work – it’s dark. When I get home from work – it’s dark. Come on winter, pack your bags and head on home. You’re time is up – at least according to our trusty ol’ Wiarton Wille, and I don’t think he wants to be on anyone’s bad side. Definitely not mine.

Besides, if I wanted to live in Nunavut (where they’re currently experiencing only 4.5 hours of daylight. Yowzers.) I would. I seriously don’t know how they do it. I’d probably last a day, throw a fit, and venture back south.

Morale of the story? I should wear a head light and pay more attention to where I’m running.

Date night with George tonight. Just look at that sexy face. You can’t deny it. Don’t even try.

“Oh hi RunnerGirl. Of course we can have movie night tonight. I’ve been waiting all week for it.” Obviously this is what he’s thinking at this very moment in time.


One thought on “Warning: All sidewalks are not even

  1. Ahhh no! Tripping while running is the worst- in the dark no less! Are you going to watch the descendants? I think we’re going to see it tomorrow. Have a great weekend RG!! 🙂

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