I sure hope this weather sticks around…

Today’s workout:

Warmup – 2min walk

Run outside – 7.29k/5:54/39:21min

BodyPump class – 1hr

I was tired this morning (big date with George last night) and didn’t really feel like getting out of bed. But I did. And I honestly felt like a bag of bricks. Sometimes when I start out I’m sluggish, but a couple km in I feel much better. That did not happen today. Needless to say I finished and proceeded to join a BodyPump class.

Why you ask? I have no good answer. I’m pretty sure I was that girl in class that everyone was staring at because she was shaking uncontrollably. And it wasn’t even my lefs shaking, but rather those 2 weak upper body limbs that belong to me. Wimp.

When I tried to put my eyeliner on later in the day I couldn’t for the life of me complete a straight line – you’d think I was drunk or something.

So how was everyone’s Friday night?

End of week, not feeling up to much, I went to see The Descendents. Every year I tell myself I will see all the Oscar nominated films before the awards show. Then that night creeps on me and I haven’t seen one. I’m off to a great start this year. 1 down and 8 to go.

Well I can safely tell you that I am now a big fan. The movie was really good. I actually loved it and would highly recommend seeing it.

BTW, who let her leave the house like that: Good Lord – match much?

– black scarf? Check.

– royal blue jacket? Check.

– pink mittens? Check.

– forest green purse? Check.

– brown boots? Check.

Winner. A real winner.




Oh and apparently it got better – surprise surprise. Pale green top? Check. It’s a good thing the movie theatre was dark.



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