30 day challenge = success!

Today’s workout:

Warm up – 2min walk on the treadmill

Ran on treadmill – 30min (5 incline)

Have I mentioned I extremely dislike the treadmill? It’s so dang boring. But I wore flats to work today (real genius move), and had a massive chill by the time I got home – so rather than run outside I skipped on over to the gym and hopped up on that thrilling piece of machinery we can run on indoors.

So today was my last day of a 30 day challenge! Such a freaking relief. This was not one of those crazy, psychotic challenges where you work out hard core everyday. I really just wanted to see if I could stay active for 30 days straight – this could mean anything from running, to walking home from work,to  yoga (which might I add is another thing I dislike), to walking the dog, to aerobics classes or simply doing push-ups and sit-ups at home. Another amazing work out that you should definitely try out if you can is Rebounding aka jumping on a trampoline.

A low impact aerobic work out that will make you sweat, sweat, sweat. I’m not sure of all the places that offers classes (yes, please take a class and do not do this on your own at home) but I’ve been to the Jayne Markus Studio and her classes are amazing.

Please note that it is by no means healthy or good for your body to work out hard every day, so I kept this challenge light but consistent. And now I want to go eat a hamburger with a lot of fries.

My little brother and my mom also did the challenge so it was nice to have a couple other people for motivation. I also made a calendar, printed it out, and put it on my fridge.

I know what you’re gonna ask – and yes, I crossed off everyday as I went. I found that, no matter how small the activity was, crossing it off the calendar helped me keep going. You too, might find something like that helpful. Or just incredibly lame.

He most likely will find the fact that I posted this photo on here, lame. Meh, ya win some, ya lose some.

There were definitely a couple days where allllllllll I wanted to do was crash on the couch after work, but looking back, I’d definitely do it again – it wasn’t anything strenuous and I feel a nice sense of accomplishment. Aww wasn’t that nice – don’t we feel all warm and cuddly now?

Have you ever done a “challenge” of any sort? What did you do? Would you do it again?

*     *     *

As a total aside, if you’re a fan of running skirts, head on over to SkinnyRunner. Her post today is a fab one on different types you can try out – she also gives a tons of examples. I’ve not tried one yet (partially because it’s the dead of winter here, and there is a strong possibility I could freeze to death), but I am definitely considering it once it warms up!





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