Hip hop 101

Today’s workout:

Beginner Hip-Hop dance class – 1hr

Class is in session – it’s hip-hop Wednesdays. You better believe it, I went to my very first. ever. hip-hop class tonight at Street Dance Academy.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine found a deal on TeamBuy – 5 classes for $20. I mean how could you pass up such an offer? Even if you are risking looking like a complete and utter moron. That said, it’s one thing to dance around at home acting all Jenny from the Block like, it’s a complete other thing to actually do it in a room FULL of people, and in front of a mirror no less.

I was told i had to wear baggy clothes. This is all I could find…

…without dressing like a total slob in trackers covered with paint stains and holes. Lord those trackers are comfy though….

OK back on track…A few years ago, I would not have done this. Mostly because I was “comfortable” in my bubble of running and going to the gym. I had no interest in stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new. Now all of a sudden (out of a complete left field) I’m really excited to try new things and work new muscles. Go figure.

Trying new activities and spicing up your routine is a great way to get an all around better full body work out. Plus, this way you can rest some of the muscles you may be over using, and start using some of the ones that are under-worked and under-appreciated. Those loner muscles groups need a pick me up – and some attention.

Final report card? It’s a definite solid work-out. Since it was the first class we did a bunch of warm ups and eased into learning the moves – therefore I can only imagine the work out you’d get if you just hip-hopidied around for a solid hour. So if you have it in you (which I know you do), dust off your ol’ dancin’ shoes and throw it down.

As an aside: I’m pretty positive I was gangsta in a previous lifetime. No lie.

Ever taken a dance class for a workout? Which one did you do?


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