I wish I was funny

Today’s workout:

I took the day off. Actually, I took yesterday off too. 30 days in a row? Please. I deserve 2 days in a row off.

Last night my mom and aunt were in town for a conference (as they usually are this time of year), so we hollered at my sister to make it a foursome and we ventured out for a wild and crazy night on the town. Shots of JD and lap dances all around.

No. That’s a complete and total made up lie. Had ya fooled didn’t I?

Anywho, we did head out for dinner, to the always classy #99’s restaurant:

We clearly all got the memo – to put on our best eye catching laser beams. Must be the new “sultry” look.

I zeroed in on having a hamburger days prior to this dinner. Let’s face it, that burger didn’t stand a chance. So I tried to throw a little wee bit of healthy into the meal and ordered me a side garden salad rather than fries. Quite simply, I went all Regina George on the healthy part of my meal and devoured the ginormous burger on it’s own. Don’t judge me. Hamburgers and salad? Come on.

After dinner we ventured on over to Second City. We’ve done this 2 years in a row now (dinner and hysterical improv comedy) – which means we can officially start calling it a “tradition”. I’m not usually big on this kind of comedy (improv, standup, sketch…whatever you wanna call it) but each and every time I come here I find myself crying I’m laughing so hard. Deep down inside I wish I could be funny like this gang. So quick witted. Majorly mentally alert.

I’d highly suggest it if you’re looking for something different and fun to do one night in the city.

*     *     *

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2 thoughts on “I wish I was funny

  1. Hi Honey, love this write up!! You definately have a way with words and descriptions with your humourous spin on everything, and that is quite entertaining to read.

  2. Hey birthday girl – you are funny! Second City is so much fun. I just love laughing to the point of tears 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your day!!! xo

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