Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer Aniston

Yesterday’s workout:

BodyPump class – 1hr

I used to think I was the only person in the world born on February 11 – a holiday that I believed should have been recognized by all walks of life. Lord, which planet crazy did I live on? Then one day I was watching Entertainment Tonight (I’m pretty sure I was under the tender age of 10) list off their usual celebrity birthdays and lo and behold Ms. Aniston flew in and stole my thunder. She really has a tendency to do that doesn’t she.

In the words of my mother’s birthday card to me: Every year, the birthday fairy comes around to make us a year older…This year I turned (insert big fat fib) 20. Didn’t you hear the news? I was told a lil’ secret that allows you to be whatever age you want to be for-ever.  It’s called The Little White Lie. I think I’ll turn 20 every year.

My beeeeeautiful flowers. I can’t tell you enough how much I love flowers.

Yesterday Mother Nature decided to get off her lazy rear and come out and play. How is it that Ms. Snow is essentially non-existent for the past 2 months, but yesterday (of all days) she tried to come out and rain on our parade. Well I have news for you Big Bulky Snow and Freezing Cold (make my face all red and blotchy) Wind, you can’t keep us down. We’re Canadian. Try again. I dare ya.

Now for an uplifting, nice story:

I lost my phone yesterday. Being the overly dramatic person that I am, I almost died. I literally felt lost. But it was apparently my lucky day. A woman found it on the road, picked it up and dropped it off at the police station. Not only that but she sought out the name of a person I received a text from on FB and sent her a message. There truly are good people in this world still. A HUGE JUMBO thank you to Leigh-Anne.

*     *     *

Signing up for the Midsummer Night’s Run today. There is a 15k (which I did last time), and a 30k. I think I’m going to get ambitious and try the 30k this time around. Anyone else want to run it with me?


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