It’s another red carpet event

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 5k

I didn’t time myself today as it was a slow run.  I was very tempted to not run at all, and stay curled up inside, prepping for my Grammy party. But I forced my shoes on, threw on some warms clothes and journeyed out for a slow, short run. Better than nothing, right?

Now back to the important stuff – The Grammy’s. The guests at this party of mine? Myself, tuna casserole, my couch, and this amazeballs quilt my mom made me for Christmas. It’s going to be a hopin’ party, if you ask me.

Oh ya, and I had to pick up a pack of those eggs. That whole idea of putting the gum and chocolate up at the cashier, so you can make an impulse purchase while you’re waiting to check out? Works. Well played Cadbury, well played.

You know Easter is just around the corner when these puppies start popping up everywhere.

Happy Grammy watching!


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