Time to get my shiz in order

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 5.30km/5:34/29.33min

Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and more stretch.

The run felt really good. I uncharacteristically had a lot of energy after work today so I felt like a speedy-mcspeedster.

It also sunk in that I need to get my shiznit in order and map out my training schedule. These races are going to start popping up, faster than you can say “HOLY MOLY”, so I need to get it together. I like to start any “training” at the beginning of the week, so my goal will be to have a schedule up and ready to go for next Monday. Pressure.

In honour of Valentine’s day, I wore red on my run (which, might I add, why is there one specific day of the year dedicated to buying flowers, or chocolates, or dinner out, or other gifts? I’d rather something out of the blue or just because, rather than on the one day of the year when Hallmark tells you to do it. Then again, if I was making as many dolla dolla bills as Hallmark I’d tell you to do it too.).

Speaking of RunnerGirl in the City I took this photo from the top of the Manulife building the other night. Beautiful view, no?

*     *     *

So, did any of you watch the Grammy’s last night? I just loved them. Quite possibly my favourite show during awards season. And because my opinion really matters in the world of fashion, here are 3 of my favs and the one I thought was just silly.

Katy Perry (although I really don’t understand this new trend of washed out pink and blue coloured hair), her dress was gorg.










Carrie Underwood – stunning.










Adele – classy.










And the award for worst dressed? Nicki Minaj hands down. Who was she trying to be, Lady Gaga? MAJOR fail.

Did you have any favourites?


3 thoughts on “Time to get my shiz in order

  1. Great post! Yes the Grammy’s are delightful, but Nicki Minaj not only didn’t score with the outfit….her on stage production absolutely SUCKED!!!

  2. Yes Nicki is just starting to annoy me. She needs to be done, I’m just sick of looking at her! Carrie and Adele both looked fabulous I have to agree. Undecided on Katy Perry I gotta say…

    I meant to ask you – do you foam roll? I started doing this after exercising and have noticed SUCH a difference!

    Happy Valentines day my friend! Love that you were rocking the red!

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