Red – apparently my new favourite colour

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 3.83km/5:38/21.35

So I tried out my compression shorts for the first time tonight. I decided to wear them during my run today, and next time I’ll test them out post run, to see which I’d prefer. I’ve read a number of reviews and there are a lot of people who wear them while they’re running but on the flip side many that would prefer to wear them post work-out to help during the recovery period.

Aspaeris Pivot Compression Shorts










Verdict? So far so great! My legs felt fantastic (even though it was a super short run), and of course I’m seriously loving the red. While I was on the site ordering them not too long ago (being the indecisive person that I am) I couldn’t decide between black or bright bright crazy bright red. My wardrobe is essentially all black, and it just seems like a no brainer go-to ‘shade’. So lately I’ve been trying a lot harder to incorporate colours into my daily repertoire of depressing all black. Well-let-me-tell-you, these are the serious opposite of black. They’re like the red X to a black O. And I couldn’t love them more.

Did I mention, when I pulled them out of the bag I got all judgey and could have sworn they were for one of my childhood barbies? Teeny tiny eenie weeny. BUT, I’m happy to report they have the perfect amount of stretch and fit perfectly:) They’re online sizing chart was right on the nose. I should have listened to my mother: don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Hi, Awkward Angle.










My one little tid-bit of advice for you all on this lovely, post-Valentine’s Day Wednesday? Do NOT eat a large Dairy Milk bar in one sitting. Especially in under 10min. You will regret it. I swear.


2 thoughts on “Red – apparently my new favourite colour

  1. But didn’t you know that Valentines Day chocolates do not have calories the week of Valentines day? I’m serious, it’s a true fact.

    Nice shorts! I’m digging the red. The fact that they’re called compression freaks me out for some reason.

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