Pancake Tuesday!

Today’s workout:

Gym elliptical – 20min/random/level 5

Run treadmill – 25min/alternating incline of 5 every 5 minutes

Stretch, stretch, and more stretch

As mentioned last week, I put together a ‘rough’ training program for myself to follow over the next few months working up to my first half marathon of the season – Toronto GoodLife on May 6. I’ve planned out how many kms I plan on running each run, gradually making them longer each week. I’ve reserved Sundays for my “long runs”, and plan on taking off 1 or 2 days per week depending on how I made out the week previous, and how I’m progressing.

I think it’s important to have a plan in place, so you can set out your distances/workouts in advance, and therefore see your progress as you move along. But everyone is different – and you have to find what works for you. This plan is definitely not set in stone. Life is life, and things come up. If you miss a workout/run that’s ok, you can make it up elsewhere, it’s not the end of the world.

Although the schedule is in place to keep you moving, it also doesn’t mean you have to run or workout that day – especially if you are feeling sore or your muscles and joints are bothering you. Listen to your body first, I tell ya!

When I put together a plan, I usually base it off one of the first “plans” I ever used, that was given to me when I joined the Running Room training group a few years ago – it’s stuck with me ever since.

Now on to important things: Eating. And Ryan Reynolds.

So in honour of today (pancake Tuesday in case any of you are scrunching your faces wondering what is so special about today) I made whole wheat pancakes. It’s amazing that we have a day dedicated to eating pancakes for dinner. Incredible.

I prefer to top my pancakes (whole wheat or not) with peanut butter instead of syrup – call my crazy, but it’s delicioussss. Don’t knock it ’till you try it. Trust me.

I’ve posted the recipe in the Mmm Food section too:)

Does anyone else find it hard coming back to work after a long weekend?

That’s how I felt this morning. My weekend was so gloriously relaxing it was tough to wake up this morning. I think all work weeks should be 4 days, and the weekend 3. Anyone with me?

I was also movie Queen this weekend. Took in Safe House and The Vow. Which are clearly total opposites in the movie department, but that’s how I roll.

LOVED Safe House, which could be solely based on the fact that Denzel is the man, and Mr. Reynolds is glorious.

The Vow was also cute – interesting that it’s based on a real story! Rachel McAdams (as per usual) was great. Channing Tatum might need to try his hand at another career.

Anyone else think this post was ALL over the map? Good. Me too.


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