Even if you’d never get old…

Today’s workout:

Run outside: I didn’t pace myself, track my distance, or time myself tonight. It was a nice, easy, casual run.

I ran with a friend tonight – which was not only nice company, but being the clueless turd I was I wore ALL black on the run. A real genius move when it’s dark out. So she thankfully had a bright top on. RG handy tip #1: please don’t do what I do, and wear all black on an evening run in the dark. Even though I had reflectors on my jacket, it’s not smart. Safety should be numero uno people.

A contributing factor to my cluelessness tonight could be that I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow morning. I’m anxious about this “powerful snow storm” comin’ for us (please sense the eye roll – ya right, when was the last time this city had a crap ton of snow), about waking up on time and not missing my flight, and of course packing, and trying to wrap up work before I leave for a week. Oh the problems of a first world resident.

That said, happy almost weekend:)


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