The beach is heaven

Yesterday’s workout:

Travelling (it’s exhausting)

Today’s workout:

Ran outside on the beach – 7.40km/6:28/47:50min

I was quite impressed with my packing abilities (for over a week no less):

We arrived at our flight destination in one piece, thanks to this little dinky machine that allowed my stomach (and paranoia) to feel more turbulence that I would ever like to experience again.

That said, vacation heaven we. have. arrived. For the next week I’m RunnerGirl on the Beach. I forgot how much I love the beach. And the ocean. The combination of the sand and the sound of the water is beyond tranquil. Oh, and the dolphins help too.

If I could spend everyday of my life walking or running the beach I’d be more than happy. I didn’t even run with music this morning, it seemed wrong – listening to the water was just what the doctor ordered.

We also played golf this afternoon, so it was a full day of exercise. I’m not a huge golfer (I’ll go out maybe a handful of times a year) but this is obviously a great place to play – it’s a golfer’s heaven (and a biker’s heaven in May apparently).

I was extremely happy when I found out its mandatory to drive carts – I’m notorious for dragging my feet after walking 9 holes. I can run half marathons, but I struggle to walk 18 holes of golf. Go figure.

And the week has only just begun…


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