Still running…on the beach

Yesterday’s workout:

Run/walk outside on the beach – didn’t track my time, or pace, or distance

Today’s workout:

Run outside on the beach – 5.84km/6:35/38:29min

Yesterday I walked/ran with my Mom. She’s an absolute speed demon when it comes to walking (seriously. a speed demon), and I love running, so we both did a little of both – she ran with me, and I walked with her. It was a nice change of pace. Although, there was a point when I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with her. Speed demon.

Today, it was somewhat overcast, but hardly any wind and the temperature much higher than it has been the past couple days, so it felt good to sweat it out.

Have I mentioned it’s a lot harder (to me) to run on the sand than it is to pound that pavement? Serious. Between that and either playing golf in the afternoon (or shopping, as we did yesterday), I’m finding myself in bed at a Gramma time of night. Which isn’t really that much earlier than I’m used to – ask anyone. I may be 27, but I go to bed at the same time as a 90 year old.


Have you tried running on the beach/sand? I’d highly suggest trying it out!




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