Fried Green Tomatoes

No specific workout yesterday or today (apart from Golf and walking around)

Yesterday we golfed early then strolled (ahem, Jayner had her solid pace going as per) along the beach before dinner. The sunset was gorgeous.

Dad and I – maxin’ and relaxin’.

Today we were in Charleston to tour Fort Sumter. It was a tad windy on the boat ride back.

And to experience some true Southern soul food.

If you are ever in the Charleston area, I would highly suggest Jestine’s Kitchen – everything was delicious. But my favourite (hands down) were the fried green tomatoes. This is one of my favourite movies, and since I had never tried them before, I thought there would be no better place than Jestine’s.

We also journeyed over to Boone Hall Plantation – a really remarkable place with loads of history. I’d say we probably spent a couple hours at least roaming and learning. Movies and TV shows are apparently shot here frequently as well – including The Notebook and Army Wives.

Tomorrow is a relax day (shopping, beach time), but I’m hoping to get a solid run in before we head back north on Friday. My goal is to spend as much time as possible at the beach tomorrow. I’d like to spend 24 hours straight at the beach (no sleep I guess). There really should be 30 hours in a day – for situations just like this. So since I can’t just change the number of hours (as I see fit), I don’t think I’ll ever get enough unless I move here and live as a beach bum. It. Is. A. Mazing.


One thought on “Fried Green Tomatoes

  1. Liz, you look so happy and relaxed! I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful vacation! Those fried green tomatoes look ah-ma-zing!!!!

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