It was shorts weather. Ya it was.

Today’s workout:

Run outside on the beach – 8.25km/6:53/56:50min

Last run on the beach today (insert sad face). It was extremely windy today, so once I hit my half way point to turn around I was smacked with a strong, salt strewn breeze. It literally felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. Almost like I was running on the spot – so I’m sure I looked like a real gem. I might as well have been sauntering back up the coast.

OH looky there, it’s the speed demon pushing here way through the hurricane wind.

Regardless, it felt great to fit in a good, hard run before we jaunty back north tomorrow.

Of course we fit in some serious shopping this trip, and I picked up a few fantastic purchases – I love me a good sale. One of my favourite purchases were the Tempo short from Nike. I first saw them on Skinny Runner – who gave them a great review.

Extending on my “choose bright colours, not black” stretch of clothes purchases, I picked out two bright colours. The pink I wore for my run today (above) and I’m also loving this turquoisey and yellow colour.

These shorts are so great – plain and simple. I’ve struggled in the past to find a good running short that doesn’t rid up or get all irritating, uncomfortable on me. These certainly fit the bill – they are perfect. And they were outlet price on sale, so that made them extra perfect.

I’ll now spend the entire trip tomorrow brainstorming ideas on how I can spend more time down here. Or anywhere on the coast for that matter. Another favourite coastal town of mine? Ogunquit, Maine.

Until we meet again beach…


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