Holiday time is over

Today’s workout:

Ran outside (unfortunately in the snow, and not on the beach) – 5.90km/6:28/38:10min

When we arrived safe and sound back in the true north, we were welcomed by that (not so) glorious white stuff. So I have something I need to get off my chest:


You see that? That sentence was not only bolded, italicized, and capitalized (with an exclamation mark at the end). That’s how much I miss it.

Now that I have that off my chest, the 17.5 hour drive back home went surprisingly fast – which could be in part due to my trusty laptop and hard drive – hello 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m pretty sure Imaybespoke 6 words the whole trip – what a boring road-trip companion eh? Well at least my companions can be happy that I miraculously held my bladder. A small feat in itself.

I’ve been over the border more times than I can even imagine, yet every time I breathe a sigh of relief once we pass customs. Not because I would ever bring over firearms, or drugs, or anything illegal. Heck, I wouldn’t even try to bring a fruit product over the border. I think it’s because I usually buy more clothes than I’m “allowed”. Every. Time. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson when my mum and aunt and I set off the alarm at the border a few years back. Nope, didn’t learn. Not when it comes to clothes at least.

*     *     *

Today’s run was like a smack in the cold, wind burned face. Plus, I was feeling extra tired. Must have been all that exercise and hard labour work I’ve engaged in the last 2 days.

My run was slow, and felt drawn out. But I did it. I finished it. And it felt great when I was done.

Did you go out running or walking or working-out-of-some-sort today?


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