Shorts over tights. Sexy.

Today’s workout:
Run outside – 5.57km/6.29/37:22min

It was not warm out today. But that’s to be expected given it was a warm low teens a few days ago, it snowed yesterday and it’s supposed to be another low teen temperature kinda day tomorrow. So given the state of the world’s weather, today’s temperature was expected – obviously it would be freakin’ cold.

I really wanted to wear my new shorts, and therefore was irritated it wasn’t shorts weather. So rather than risk my bare legs going numb I wore tights and put my shorts over top. One word: stylin’.

I should have taken a photo of my new look. But I conveniently forgot.

Apart from this new style venture, I was feeling somewhat lethargic today. It took some pushing and a consistent little voice in my head repeating “just go get it done already”, but I eventually made it out the door. Thank God for that little voice.

I’m hoping to put in a good, long, sweaty run tomorrow. And I’m actually looking forward to it. Stay tuned.


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