It’s not just about how fast you go.

Yesterday’s workout:

Run outside (because it was simply gorgeous out) – 8.83km/6:05/53:51min

I changed the screen on my watch for this run so that I would only see the actual time and the distance I was running. Usually I can see my pace move up and down, but I decided to forgo this today. Not because I didn’t want to track my pace, but because I didn’t want my pace to eat away at me and constantly be on my mind. I wanted to enjoy that run, and not have to worry about how fast I was going.

Part of my issue (which is seriously so annoying), is I still think I am in the same shape I was 3 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still work out, and I still run, but I’ve taken time off since then – which I will say with confidence was my running peak. So I simply cannot run that same pace until I work up to. It won’t just magically appear, not matter how hard I wish for it. I was running 4.5 – 5min kilometers (this still boggles my mind for me) and lately I feel like I should be running the same pace. Even though I know this is not possible overnight, there is a small part of me that seriously won’t let it go.

If you stop running, or stop running as frequently, you quickly lose your endurance and can’t log as many clicks as you’re used to. That’s normal. Everyone will say this. Even still, I need to continually remind myself of that. It’s like I’m competing against myself for crying out loud. I’m not at the running peak I was a few years ago, and I may never be there again, but it’s not the be all end all. I am running because I love it, not because how fast Icouldgo when I was 24.

So that is why I changed the face of my watch. I wanted to enjoy the abnormally warm temperature and sunshine during my run. Ok that was a lie. It wasn’t the only reason I wanted to enjoy yesterday’s run…

I also enjoyed one of these delicious things. Five Guys has got to be my favourite burger. De. Li. Cious. The first time I had one was on vacation…and they gave me a whole brown bag full off fries. They really knew how to get to my heart. Literally.


One thought on “It’s not just about how fast you go.

  1. I totally know how you feel! It’s hard not being able to run as fast as you once could – that’s the boat I am in right now too! But, like you said, it just takes time. Sounds like you are running lots, and most importantly, are enjoying it…. so I am sure you will be happy with the progress you make 🙂
    -Sarah H.

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