Champagne and candy.

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 3.45km

It was a short run tonight. Really short. So short that I didn’t even take my watch cause I figured it wouldn’t be able to locate the satellite signal in time (it’s been a real pain in my rear lately – which I solely blame on the tall buildings). So I mapped my run instead.

I booked it home, fit in that lame, quick run and flew down to a friend’s place that was hosting a champagne and candy party, which happen to be two of my favourite things…well almost. My favourites are wine and chocolate. But tomato, tomatoe right?

They’re called The Candy Stripers – a candy buffet catering venture. It is still in the early stages, and are garnering feedback wherever possible, but I think they’d agree that tonight’s “open house” was a great success. It all started out of their shared passion for food (especially candy), special events and a business background.

I should have been a photographer – check out those mad photo skills. I’m not doing these displays justice. Trust me – they were awesome.

I ate more candy than anyone should in such a short period of time. Just can’t say no. Talk about dangerous territory.


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