Let the shenanigans begin.

Yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day workout:

Run outside – 4.68km/5:46/27:00min

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 9.71km/6:12/1:00hr

With Irish background, you just don’t let St. Patrick’s Day pass you by. That said, the shenanigans are not nearly what they were when I was enjoying the student life.

A few of us ended up at a pub in the afternoon, and then enjoyed a freakin’ fantastic dinner at Terroni – one of my favourite restaurants in the city. Nothing crazy, just a good time. But come to think of it, even though it was supposed to be an Irish day, we also enjoyed lots of German beer and a delicious Italian dinner. We made the rounds through Europe apparently.

Yesterday, I was still able to fit in a good, albeit quick run in the morning. It wasn’t the best weather – that annoying misty rain that doesn’t seem to let up – but it was still good to fit in the time, no matter how short.

Today’s run was a good one, although I was feeling lethargic (for obvious reasons), and since my knees have been bothering me lately I took it easy.


Have you ever been trotting along when all of a sudden out of nowhere a bug decides to smack you dead centre in the middle of the eye? Well that happened today. It was gross. And it freaked me out. Although I’m sure it made for some humorous watching for all the cars that passed by. Oh yes, I failed to mention that this occurred while I was running on the busiest traffic leg of the route. Of course. Just my luck.

So I know I said I’m a huge fan of the Nike Temp short (I previously did not like running in shorts, and these have changed my mind), but I will say that I am still a lover of 3/4 running tights. I can’t say specifically say why, other than they are just comfortable, easy, and can be used in cooler and warmer temps – love versatility when it comes to gear.


As of right now I love my Nike Legend Tight Fit capris. Definitely a good pick up…I’d even consider getting a second pair to rotate through.

Did anyone else enjoy a celebratory March 17th? Or make it out for a sun, fueled run today?


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