No Pain No Gain

I experienced crappy internet  this week. Actually it was non-existent. Hence why I’ve missed 4 days of posts. So here’s a recap of my non-eventful running week.

Tuesday’s workout- Off

Wednesday’s workout – BodyPump class 1hr

Thursday’s workout – Off

Friday’s workout – Off (apart from the fact that I consider me walking from work to the GO Train with 3 bags hurled over my shoulders a sweat-fest)

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 9.89km/6:19/1:02:26min + lower body strength (lunges, squats, leg lifts, ball work)

This was a pretty weak running week, which meant I needed to pull off something good this morning. Today’s run was ok, minus the fact that I threw in a few hills in the middle, which I fully regretted by the time I reached them..and subsequently cursed to myself the whole way up.

Now that I’ve recapped the week and I can see it on screen, I’m feeling a serious pit in my stomach. The Toronto half is sneaking up far to fast. FAR TOO FAST I TELL YOU!

I’d also like to point out that I’m STILL sore today, following Wednesday’s BodyPump. This can’t be normal. It feels like I can barely walk…actually to be more accurate it feels like I have a pickle up my arse. So I keep reminding myself of this:



One thought on “No Pain No Gain

  1. That was a great run! You’re well on your way to being able to complete the half. Don’t stress about it and just enjoy the runs, your body is able to do much more than you give it credit for!

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