Hills. They get ya every time.

Today’s workout:

Run outside -13.87km/6:29/1:29:55min

Maybe it was the warmer temperature. Maybe a result of a glorious Sunday sleep-in. Or maybe I was just plain old lucky. Whatever the reason, today’s long run started out well, AND finished well. Since I followed a similar route to yesterday’s run (just extended in certain areas), I felt slower at times – primarily during those freaking hills I struggled with yesterday. Why didn’t I just pick a flat route? Or at least one with 1 small hill. Not a gagillion.

I stopped a few times to “take in the scenery”. Aka take some photos. I just couldn’t resist.

The rest of the day was spent helping my Mum clean out the basement. There were probably 4 years backed up down there of goodies me and my siblings had accumulated over the years, and then just ditched down the stairs so we wouldn’t have to give anything up just yet. Going through the boxes was like a little walk down nostalgia lane. Clothes. Jewelry. Photos. Shoes. Old school work. You name it, it was down there. I’ve been on a “just chuck it” kick lately – getting rid of anything I won’t wear or use at this very moment. And needless to say I had that same mentality with a lot of the items I stumbled across today (even some of my siblings things), except for these little gems:

Ballet slippers from god knows when. I took dance classes and quit, I’m pretty sure when I was 5 or 6, and never looked back. But these things are keepers. How cute!



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