Monsters and Munchkins

Yesterday’s workout:

Run outside – 6.87km/6:02/41:29min

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 16.44km/6:22/1:44:46min

After taking it pretty easy yesterday, I apparently decided to throw out a heaper today. After being the grandma that I am and hitting the hay like an 85 year old last night, I pulled myself out of bed quite early for a Sunday morning. My schedule was calling for 16k and I psyched myself up enough that I was actually excited to get out there and start running. That was until I opened the door to such beautiful weather….weather that pelted my face with hail. Great. Now I was even more eager.

Nearing the end of my run my knees were bothering me, but I toughed it out and successfully finished slightly over what was called for. Subsequently I walked around today as though I should’ve had a walker in hand. Classy.

Being the gorgeous grey day it was, I ventured down to the One of a Kind show where a friend had a booth set up. She did such a fantastic job – pretty much sold out, which is amazing.

She makes the cutest little “monsters and munchkins”, called Moxy + Toots. Need a little special something for your favourite kid? They’ll be sure to love one of these guys.

She has just come out with a new “monster” called Bucky that’s meant to not only be a cuddly stuffed animal, but also has a built in pocket to put their lost tooth for the Tooth Fairy. Ah those were the days when I’d put my tooth under the pillow and by morning I had 2 new shiny quarters. I was rich!

I especially love this mobile. No, I don’t have kids. But if I did, I would buy it.


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