Never never never give up

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 5.97km/5:42/34:00min

I may have been sore and hurting Sunday after that long run, but I was readyyyy to rumble tonight! That, or I was in a rush to get home and eat. Either way, I was feeling faster than normal tonight, and felt good at the end.

A friend of mine called me today. I know, strange. She informed me that she agreed to run a 37km run (with strength training stations along the way) on May 5. That’s just over 4 weeks away in case you were trying to do fast math in your head. Don’t worry, I had to consult my calendar and physically count the weeks.

She admittedly was nervous, as running on a regular basis isn’t something she usually does. But hey, why not try something new – get out there meeting new people (she’s on a team) and throw in some exercise for fun (37km of exercise fun). So she’ll either become best friends with these folks as the run unfolds, or she’ll want to vomit on them at the end.

When she told me about this I immediately threw ALL my concerns about being ready for the Toronto Half out the window. Stomped on them. Down the garburator. Expelled them from my mind. If she can agree to take on this challenge and be ready for a near FULL marathon in about the same time, I can be ready for a half. Plain. And. Simple.

Inspiration. It’s key. That’s why I’m a nerdy keener when it comes to leaving motivational quotes on this blog. I’m a true believer in those things that inspire you. We probably wouldn’t be where we are today without inspiration people. And this friend has inspired me to keep working my a** off so I can do only my best in 4 1/2 weeks.

Enough of the sappy stuff. Here’s another quote. I know you like them. Your welcome.



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