A real winner on our hands

Yesterday’s workout:

Run outside – 8.14km

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 17.70km/6:12/1:50min

So Easter weekend came and went. And I thankfully was able to fit in both runs – but considering what I put in my body, it’s a flippin’ miracle I made it to the finish today.

I forgot my watch at my apartment, so when I ventured out to my parents place I had to find new ways to keep my time. I found the Nike+ app on my iPod and decided to test it out…for the 3rd time. And just like the 2 times before that, it turned out compLETELY inaccurate. Maybe I have a faulty app…is that even possible? Because there is NO WAY ON EARTH I ran 12km yesterday at a pace of 4:55. Not possible. I don’t care if it’s no name, or Nike, it was wayyyy off the marker. Needless to say I was slightly disappointed, so today I made sure to catch the time when I left and came back, and then just Mapped My Run. It was (from what I can only guess, without physically measuring the distance of course), pretty accurate. Moral of the story? Be more organized when packing, and don’t forget the things you need.

Ever head out for a run, and feel like you’re missing something? Or forgetting something? Ya me neither. Until today. I could blame it on me being half asleep still (but it was 10:45 in the morning, so I doubt it), but I think I simply went clueless for a few seconds. One of these things just doesn’t belong. Can you figure it out? Don’t worry if it takes you a few moments…clearly it took me a while. We’ve got a real winner on our hands, people.

For some reason, when I get to my parents place I have this amazing talent for falling asleep anywhere. At any time of day. No matter what is going on. I consider it a special talent.

Either that, or I was just tapped out from running and eating. The bulk of my long weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed a happy long weekend:)



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