I’m closer than I was yesterday

Yesterday’s workout:

Bodypump class – 1 hour

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 7.74km/6:12/48:25min

Holy moly where have I been! Pulled a switcheroo today and got my ass out of bed early this morning to run before work. I’ve tried this before and failed. Majorly. I think the difference today was a combination of knowing I needed to fit in every run possible before this race along with the fact that I told pretty much everyone at work yesterday I was getting up to run before I came in. Not that they would’ve cared if I didn’t run, but I for some reason felt like they would have scolded me if I had not.

So the plan is to do it again tomorrow. Think I have it in me? I’m willing to bet against me. So you can too if you’d like. I guess we’ll all find out in a few hours if I can make this 2 days in a row…

By the way, might I add that getting up before the crack of dawn is notthat fun, but how you feel after getting up at the crack of dawn and then running for 45min, now that’s where the fun resides. I felt as though I had tons of energy when I was done, and also that it was a great start to my day. Call me crazy, but I keep telling myself I’m making the most out of my 24 hours. Whatever it takes to get me out of bed.

And to top the day off? Leaving work I learned how to jump a car. Fancy huh? I may not have actually put cable to ‘thing’ in the car, but I think my holding of the flashlight contributed greatly to the success of this jump.

That said, hoping this never happens again. By George the things you can learn when you’re least expecting them!


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