Why do people yell out their car windows?

Yesterday’s workout:

Run outside – 9.51km/6:11/58:54min + lower leg strength (lunges, squats, you name it – the whole kit and caboodle)

The beginning of yesterday’s run started off slow and painful, and I was whining to turn around and go back home. But once I got into a groove things began to feel better. That’s not to say that when I reached those steps at Casa Loma, I was cursing myself all over again, because the “pain” was back.


Ever been yelled at through a passing car window by some immature, pre-pubescent boy? Ya, yesterday was not the first time this has happened, but it irritated me all the more. Most of the time these ding dongs aren’t even pre-pubescent, they just act like it. I’ve never understood the appeal of yelling god only knows what out the window at people you don’t even know. I mean seriously? Buck up and hang around to see what that persons response will be, rather than driving off and not looking back. Chicken shit if you ask me.

Moral of the story? If you ever feel inclined to act like a fool and embarrass yourself by hootin’ and hollerin’ out the window of a moving car, you should think again, cause you’re not funny, or impressive. You’re simply making yourself look like a total loser.

Aaand my rant is done. I feel so much better.


2 thoughts on “Why do people yell out their car windows?

  1. I hate when people yell at me when I’m running or biking outside! I wish there was a legal way to get back at people that yell and honk to teach them a lesson..

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