I run because I can

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 7.65km/5:52/45:00min

You might as well have called me Ms. MIA this week. I developed some sort of bug last Sunday, so I was out of commission for a few days. I ran early Wednesday morning, but was feeling pretty lethargic, so I don’t really count it. Must have been all those longs runs I’d been doing the past 3 days. If I could insert an emoticon rolling their eyes right here, I would. The end of this week also turned out to be a pretty busy one so I missed a solid run/workout Thursday and Friday. I made sure I climbed the stairs at work way more than was absolutely necessary. And each time I needed to catch my breath at the top (note: these stairs total approx. 12 steps. Hardest stair climb ever), so you’d think I was climbing these:


Needless to say my run today was a combination of ‘feeling’ slower than normal but at the same time I had all this energy and LITrally couldn’t wait to get out and run.

I ran less than I was scheduled to do today – primarily because I hadn’t kept on track with my training this week so I didn’t want to overdo it. I also missed my long run last Sunday so I won’t be partaking in my scheduled pre-half marathon, half marathon tomorrow. Fail.

I really can’t believe it’s 2 weeks tomorrow until my first race of the season. Where on earth did April go? Heck, where did March, February, and January go? My mother used to tell me growing up that times gets faster and faster as you get older. Being like I’m sure most children, and didn’t believe a word of that. Well I got news for ya – Amen sista Mum. You know your shit.

Lastly, you want to see something truly inspiring? Check out this video of Rick and Dick Hoyt. Amazing.


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