Toronto Half Marathon and Wedding Showers

Toronto 1/2 marathon – 21.23km/5:50/2:03min(gun time)

The day came and went fast than I thought it would! Yesterday I stopped by the Expo to pick up my kit and wander a round a bit (I’ve never been to an expo before so I thought it’d be worthwhile to see what was shakin’).

In case you didn’t know where to activate your bib:

I heard something, somewhere, at some point (so many details in those words), that said it’s actually better to eat a carb-fueled dinner the night before the night before (aka the Friday night leading up to a Sunday race). I’ve never tried it though. So I stuck with the pasta dinner the night before…mmm spaghetti and meatballs. Can’t. Go. Wrong.

I was energetic this morning….was getting pretty excited, felt well rested, and not to mention I was quite pleased with my playlist. I felt good all the way up to 17km (even picked it up a notch around 13…but maybe that’s what contributed to my downfall at 17…oops). It was around this point that my feet started to hurt quite a bit. I’d noticed my feet were hurting in my runs last weekend, and I’m pretty much going to boil it down to my shoes. Oh well, I’m happy with my finish, and I would definitely do this run again. Did I mention there was a monster hill near the beginning? Ya, no joke. Monster.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes I now have a sunburn on both shoulders. Not the arms, just the shoulders. Note to self: don’t wear arm sleeves and role up your t-shirt to expose only your shoulders next time. Not cool.

Then came the fun part. Rather than do what normal people do (and make a meeting spot), I decided I would text or call my sister when I finished because she was picking me up, and that way we could find the best meeting spot at the time. Well this is only helpful when your phone is working at the finish. Nope it didn’t technically “die” on me the way you’re thinking. It crashed because I sweat Lake Ontario during those 2 hours and gave my phone “moisture damage”. This was right before it gave out on me:

After 5 stranger’s phones (including a pristine white iPhone that I dropped on some poor girl – a clear example of how me and electronics do not get along), 6 people, and 50 bagillion phone calls later, I found my sister and we booked it home. Needed to shower and get ready in record time to make it to a wedding shower.

Not only was I happy with my race time, I was quite impressed with the time it took me to get ready for the shower – 35min flat…approximately. That’s gotta be some kind a record.

The shower was beautiful and I downed close to 100 glasses of water.

The venue was Terroni on Yonge – really lovely – the company was great, and the food fantastic. Congrats to Holly and Simon!

My sister and I (being the huge party animals we are) decided to continue the party on a patio with drinks. How could we resist, it was too nice out today not to head outside.

Which brings me to now. Laying on the couch, curled up in track pants and a hoodie, counting down the minutes until its acceptable to go to bed, aka until it’s no longer light outside. First hint of darkness and I’m a goner.

Next up: Sporting Life 10k next weekend!


5 thoughts on “Toronto Half Marathon and Wedding Showers

  1. GREAT job Lizzie! I’m so proud of you! The phone story is hilarious, lol. Hey do you take suggestions for blog posts? I’d lovveee to hear your playlist…I could use some inspiration!!! 🙂

  2. Congrats Lizzie! Let me know if you plan on doing a 1/2 this fall and which one as I am looking to sign up for one.

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