A Sea of Yellow

Sporting Life 10k

So when I crossed the finish the timer was telling me I was finishing in 43:13. 43 MINUTES?! Mmmm something funky’s going on here cause my own watch clocked me at 49 min. And that is a HUGE difference. So I have no idea, but either way I finished – and that’s what matters right?!

The weather was a little crappy – rain off and on for most of the run, so I had chills at the finish, then the rest of the day was beautiful. Of course it was.

This gives you an idea of the masses of people that ran today – 22,000!

I didn’t follow ANY pre-run routine yesterday/last night. In fact I threw everything out the window. We celebrated Mother’s Day/my Dad’s Bday yesterday so I ate literally all day (and not of the pasta kind). I also didn’t go to bed until late, so I had less sleep than I’m used to on a normal night. But would ya look at that – it seems to have worked…today’s run was a success!

We struggle in the group photo opps…



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