Bowling for exercise…and fun.

Run outside – 8.58km/45min

Monday I ventured to BodyFlow and last night I went bowling. Yes bowling. Teams and all – which was actually quite fun!

And you can bet your bottom dollar I ate this delicious mini fish and chips. Deeeeeelicious.

So needless to say, it was time to get back out running tonight. I did a typical route, nothing too crazy, and took it pretty easy – you know, I’m feeling sore from bowling and all….no joke.

And in case you didn’t catch it, I wore my bowling shirt running tonight. That’s how lazy I was when I got home. L-a-z-y.

Did you know it was possible to pull muscles bowling? Well it is. I now know from experience.

With the long weekend coming up, I’m hoping the weather is good and I can get out for a couple good long runs. This weekend introduces the cottage back into the mix. I sure do miss that place throughout the winter. It’s like a little piece of heaven.


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