A little piece of heaven

Run Saturday – 6.56km (+ lower body strength training)

Run Sunday – 4.16km

Run Monday – 10.24km

With a four day weekend, I ventured out to the cottage. And it’s a good thing, cause it was stinkin’ hot.

I’ve had my fair share of burns over the years, and I’m just not keen on it happening again, so I caked my face in sunblock, wore a hat and sat under an umbrella. Old? Yes I think so.

I figure I’ll get sun as I go through the summer running and being outside, but I no longer find enjoyment in baking in the sun.

So success – no painful burn for me!

I ran 3 of the days I was there, varying my distance each time. There are a couple mean hills that just kill me, but it’s a nice change up from the typical city runs I’ve been used to doing. And on the plus side, there were no bugs. I can’t even tell you how much this made me happy. I really some of those pesky bugs…deer flies, black flies, mosquitoes…you name it. They irritate me beyond belief. Me and the dragon flies were best buddies this weekend – and I thank them  x a million for removing those annoying things from my runs.

Apart from running, I relaxing, played cards, engaged in some puzzle building, dipped my feet in the water (couldn’t quite yet bring myself to go swimming yet), AND I finally ready The Hunger Games. What on EARTH was I waiting for! It was toast in a day.

The cottage was my Mum’s growing up…she and her family built it I believe around 45years ago, and it’s thankfully stayed in the family since.Who am I kidding, there’s no way my Mum would let this gem of a place go.

It’s true, it’s a realllll gem. A little piece of heaven. This of course is not how I’ve always felt. I know for a fact that this place was NOT appreciated by me, OR my 3 siblings when we hit out “teen” years.

We had spent summers here growing up, but as soon as we became “too cool for school” you wouldn’t be able to find us there if our lives depended on it.

Now we bask in the quiet, calm that a land locked lake gives you. I don’t know WHAT we were thinking, then again I don’t know what I was thinking for the majority of my teenage years, but this place is by far one of my favourite in the world.

Hope you all enjoyed a great long weekend 🙂


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