New shoes and a whole lot of other nonsense.

Today’s workout:

Run outside – 8.56km/45min

I had intended to do BodyPump like I do EVERY Wednesday, but when we arrived to the gym it was closed. Flood. A freaking flood. As out of my hands as this was was, I was irritated. Primarily because I didn’t feel like I had the motivation to make myself do a workout on my own, and realllllly needed the push to be in a class with a zillion other people and an instructor yelling at me to squat lower.

Totally coulda been me…

Well that just wasn’t in the cards for me tonight, was it. So I trucked it home and forced myself to put my running stuff on (because that’s always my fall back when I need a quick workout…just so easy). Like I’ve said before the first few kms of EVERY. SINGLE. RUN make me want to turn back home. But once I get into a groove and of course have the right music playing I finally settle into a nice pace and finish the route as planned.

So the past few weeks I’ve been trying out a new pair of shoes. And the verdict? Really reallllly LOVE them. I was a little hesitant to try any new shoe outside my standard Saucony (that I get every time I need new shoes), but I’m quite happy with this pair, and would highly suggest you check ’em out! P.S. I also LOVE the bright colours too.

Women’s Kissaki Road Runner

Want to find somewhere close to you that sells these? Check out the dealer locator.

A couple years ago I put my frugal pants on (of course I did, I was a starving university student. Ok maybe not starving, but I was a university student who’d rather spend her money on partying and clothes than a proper pair of running shoes), and bought a pair of “lightly worn” shoes from a friend. She wasn’t wearing them anymore because of some foot problems she was experiencing. Well rather than see the BIG. BRIGHT. RED LIGHT flashing I ignored that minor fact. Subsequently, a few runs later my feet started to really bother me (mostly in the arch) and a few weeks after that (yes, I continued to run in them) they seemed to be causing my foot extreme pain when running. SO I took a few months off to recoup. Moral of the story? It’s EXTREMELY important to know your feet and get the right shoes. Case in point.

As an aside, I can’t wait to go back here. I know, so random…this comment came out of left field. But seriously, the best part of summer is spending time at this place. Plus this post was getting way too copy heavy and I wanted to add another photo in. Just being honest.


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