It’s been a tad on the long side.

So it’s been a while.

That’s a flat out lie, I’ve been quite MIA for a bit….actually a month to be more accurate. Completely unacceptable. Unlike my brothers, I usually follow the rules. And the rules say don’t leave your blog empty for a whole freaking month.

That said, I’M BACK, and excited for the second half of 2012! That right there, what I just said? Scares the living daylights out of me. WHERE ARE THE DAYS GOING?!

Although I’ve been essentially non-existent for the last 4 weeks, I’ve still been running. That’s right, you better believe it. Although I was slacking in the blogging department I wasn’t slacking in the running. HOWEVER, I need to step up my game!

Recap of the last few days:

Friday – run outside 6.25km at the cottage

Saturday – run outside 4.25km at the cottage + lower body strength (lunges, squats etc. etc. and some core stuff as well)

Saturday’s run was slightly on the slacking side…probably because I made this exquisite piece of baking and subsequently enjoyed a ginormous piece. It was totally worth it.

Sunday – bike outside 9.40km at the cottage + 18 holes of golf (I count this as working out cause it fully exhausts me. Go figure. Stick a fork in my cause I’m done)

Monday – run outside 6.70km (all deathly uphill)

Tuesday – off

Today – run outside 7.75km + upper, lower body, and core strength exercises

It was hotter than Hades out tonight, so I’m pretty sure I sweat most of Lake Ontario, but I did it and toughed it out to the end.

Last week someone gave me a little pep talk about how I need to incorporate more strength exercises into my workouts…and I couldn’t agree more. So with that, there is a “bootcamp” of sorts every Monday night which will be the first step (I did it last week for the first time and could barely move for days…that’s gotta be a good sign right?).

And from there I have no idea. But I need to add in a couple extra days in there somewhere.

Now on to the exciting things. I finished all 3 Hunger Games books in less than 3 weeks. I was impressed, so you should be too. Damn those things were addicting. Easy reads, but highly entertaining. I’m actually considering going to the movies by myself to watch the first one. Yes, this may just be slightly loser-ish, but it’s not like you talk to people during a movie any way and EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know has already seen it. I was slightly behind on the bandwagon.

This weekend we celebrated not only Canada’s birthday but my brothers as well. As per usual we made it an 80’s party. We’re a special bunch…

I promise my next post won’t be 5 weeks from today…but don’t hold your breath.


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