Wine and relaxing…and running.

Recap of week:

Tuesday – Run 5.65km

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Run 5.65km

Friday – Off

Saturday – Run 8.91km

Sunday – Run 8.91km

Cripes it was a hot week. And because it was so hot, I literally forced myself to get up early two mornings this week to workout before workout. And let me tell you – that’s GOTTA be some kinda record. I’m usually a major fail when I try to get my ass outta bed in the morning (especially if it’s earlier than I absolutely HAVE to). That said, I’m going to go for three days this week…but we’ll see what happens.

This weekend we were at the cottage, so we had to make shift some of our workout. When you don’t have weights? Throw someone on your back and that’ll do it. Problem solving I tell ya.

It was so nice to be back at the cottage and spend the weekend outside, however it was hotter than Hades. I swear I almost died from that heat…and those stupid deer flies. Seriously, they serve no purpose other than to annoying the hell out of me.

The weekend was pretty relaxing altogether…which meant wine was involved.

It was all relaxation though. Last summer we started to rebuild a portion of the deck. And this weekend we continued to lay down the plans of another part of the deck. And by “we worked on the deck” I mean my brother worked on the deck. I watched from above and cheered him on.

As an aside (and a bit of a more sombre note), although I live in the city, I come from a small town. A small town that has grown over the years but everyone still seems to know everyone. A really sad and horrible accident happened the other day to a girl from this town and although many people (including myself) may not have known her, everyone knows someone who does. Which means it still hits home. And that leaves me with only one reminder: We only live once, so make the most out of every day…

Here’s to a new week…and making the most out of each moment.


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