Bridge jumping, flower blankets, and a wedding.

Week Recap:

Monday – Bootcamp

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Run 5.65km (+ squats and walking lunges)

Thursday – Off

Friday – Run 7.65km (+squats and walking lunges)

Saturday – Run 9.10km (+ a lot of walking lunges)

Sunday – Run 7.75km (wasn’t feeling it today…actually those bricks decided to make it back to my feet. Maybe it had to do with the lack of sleep last night?)

My new favourite thing is walking lunges. Can ya tell?

I’ve been avoiding any upper body work this week, because I had a wee bit of a mishap last weekend. And it happened as a result of this:

I wouldn’t say I’m scared of heights, but I’ve never jumped off a bridge before and most likely won’t do it a gain. Freaks me out. I probably would’ve copped out if it hadn’t been for the boat full of people that starting chanting “jump, jump, jump, jump!”. I succumb to peer pressure far too easily. That said, I’m not usually one to break the rules…not a freakin’ clue what came over me.

As a result of that mishap, I apparently became quite cold on a VERY HOT afternoon. Good thing we had this beautiful flower blanket on hand. Bet you wish you had one of these don’t ya. I’m sure they were pretty popular in their day…that day being 1970.

Monday night was sweltering, but we made it through bootcamp…just barely. I’ve moved on from BodyFlow Monday nights and on to this hour of workout hell. But it feels so good when you’re done that it’s totally worth it!

I’ve been keeping up with my morning runs, which is (I’m not gonna lie) quite impressive. That’s right, I just tooted my own horn, and I’m ok with it. I still haven’t made it over 2 mornings a week yet. Something to strive for…

We had wedding craziness this weekend. How beautiful is this couple. Two of the sweetest people I know.

And the venue was STUNNING.

My beautiful bridesmaid sister. What’s that? We don’t look like sisters you say? You’re not alone. I was asked last night if I was adopted.

I felt like I need a bit of motivation in the running/workout department. And you know what my favourite fix is for this? A bit of retail therapy. Might I add that the shirt on the right I bought specifically because I already have it in black and it is by FAR my most favourite shirt to run in.

New running clothes ALWAYS gives me an extra step. A bit more motivation. Just enough excitement to get me going. I’d highly suggest it if you haven’t tried it…



One thought on “Bridge jumping, flower blankets, and a wedding.

  1. Your posts are great and always seem to give me some motivation. I have been lacking in the running department as of late and have signed up for a race to get my butt back in gear. Keep up the great blog Lizzie!

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