71 days and counting…

Last Week Review (well sort of):

Friday – Run 7.25km + squats and lunges and other not so fun lower body strength training

Saturday – Run 8.75km + same nonsense as listed above

Sunday – Bike 17.5km + Run 6.25km

Monday – Run 10.5km + a game of tennis

I thought the weather was starting to become normal again? And not result in over heating and a sweat storm:

Then again, I don’t sweat like a normal person (hot weather or not).

My week leading up to Friday was pretty quiet from an exercise perspective, so it felt nice to get back outside. I can’t bring myself to work out in the gym this summer (or any other summer for that matter). Even in the dead of winter, and snow up to my head, I’d much prefer to work exercise outside. Maybe it’s the fresh air, or maybe it’s the change of scenery, or maybe it’s for no normal reason at all…but regardless of why, I’d work out outside vs. inside any day!

Sunday I decided to bike a whole hell of a long distance. My mum and brothers are big bikers at home, and sometimes I’ll go out with them, but typically we get about 20min in and I want to turn around cause my ass hurts. THIS time however, I kept up for longer than I would’ve imagined…but I spent most of the ride trying to keep up.

Last night we took my brother to the airport, and sent him off to Copenhagen. To play hockey of course. Not because he was banished or anything.

One important thing I learned growing up with brothers who spent the majority of their days in the arena, was that hockey season never actually finishes. And this is a case in point – it’s August for crying out loud – and he’s off to training camp.

Which means the official trip countdown is on for me! 71 days and counting…

Can you spot him? I was the crazy sister yesterday that kept taking photos…even when he was long gone. Lame.

Leading up to last night, we had an unofficial send off dinner for him/birthday dinner for my mum – full of fresh veggies (from the market), sundaes, and wine. Holy yum!

AND a mini jam session.

I also had a nice little chat with my 9 year old cousin. Let me tell you – a large part of her vocabulary are words that I didn’t know existed until probably last year. A scary thought (her knowledge, and my lack of it).

My favourites in her daily sayings?

– ‘He’s a playa’ (that is correct, I dropped the ‘er’ and added an ‘a’)

– She’s in an ‘on and off’ relationship with said ‘playa’

Ohhhh boy!



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