I ran to California and back.

September! Fall! It’s a new start. No excuses.

Saturday – 10km + 1hour kayak

Sunday – 4.75km + 45min kayak

Monday Urban Edge Bootcamp – and it was INTENSE!

No joke. I ran to California. BUT not the US state. Apparently there’s  a little town north of Kingston that also goes by this name. I’ve never been to Cali, but I’m pretty sure they’re nothing alike. Call me crazy, but just a wild guess.

Considering I’ve been going to this cottage for literally my whole life – it took me until this summer to realize this teeny hamlet existed. Go figure.

And in those travels to California, I came across my most favourite thing EVER – approximately one million snakes. Please sense the sarcasm. Some had been run over so were clearly in no shape to be moving towards me, but some were alive. And when I came across a giant, black, rat snake I thought I might pass out. I kid you not. That snake ruled the road, because there was not way on God’s green earth that I was continuing on my route until it had moved FAR OFF the road. It took about 15 min, and me throwing stones in that direction to finally get it to move. But let me tell you…it took it’s sweet ass time.

Apart from those weekend runs, I was the epitome of lazy this last long weekend of the summer. And I will not rationalize it to anyone.

But I finished the weekend off right – tonight at bootcamp with did what she calls the 300 workout. Five sets of the following:

– 20 burpees

– 20 push-ups

– 20 knee tuck squat things

And of course this was interlaced with a lot of running. Piece of cake you say? Not a chance. I’m quite prepared to wake up tomorrow morning not being able to walk…

Oh ya, did I mention I can walk on water? It’s magic.


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