Rebounding on Thanksgiving

Friday – Run outside 8.5km/48min

Saturday – Run outside 9km/52min, Rebounding 45min

Sunday – Run outside 12km/75min

Today – Run outside 5.5km/32min

Rebounding you say?

My mum discovered this workout class you can take called Rebounding. It’s literally 45min of jumping aerobics on a trampoline. They say 45min of jumping on this thing is = to an hour of solid running. So why not…I need to spice up my workouts, or I’m going to die of boredom. Plus, my mum wanted someone to do it with…seeing as my sister wasn’t around, my one brother lives overseas, and my other brother was MIA, by process of elimination there was only one option left…

I look like a turd.

Having one hell of a time. Needless to say it was right around now that the rebounding workout came to a screeching halt.

I took my camera on Friday’s run so I could take multiple breathers pretend to be a photographer.

Then to make up for all those stoppages, I thought it was a bright idea to run these stairs 4 times. Genius, yes?

Quite frankly? No. It was a stupid idea. I barely made it home.

Sunday was a nice steady long run. I ran with a friend, and considering we talked the whole run it went by relatively fast. I ran with no music (which is almost completely unheard of for me), but it was surprisingly a nice breather from those blaring headphones.

Seriously? When it comes to running attire it’s like I vomited all over myself.

Most definitely we ate my parents out of house and home this weekend, but still decided to have a light day today…and watch Harry Potter. Cause that’s what you do on Thanksgiving Monday.

Song of the day: Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ  Top


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