First world problems.

Saturday – Trail run (8.5km/55min)

Sunday – Path run (10.5km/60min)

Monday – Street run (9.0km/48min)

Oh hey there. Been a while. Which is a total understatement. It’s been more like weeeeeeeeeeks and weeeeeeks. I definitely fell off the wagon. Majorly. But at least it wasn’t of the illegal substance wagon variety…

Nonetheless, it might of well have been. Because let me tell you, when you fall of the exercise wagon, it doesn’t feel very good. Mind you I don’t know what it feels like to fall off any other wagon. And I think that’s a good thing.


I’ve been running off and on for weeks now, and my lack of running is scary. So I prefer to just push it as far from my mind as possible, and pretend it didn’t happen. That said, when I have been making it out for some (very casual) running it hasn’t been focused, nor have they been working towards any specific end goal. Problemo numero uno.

I have another “problem”, which is absolutely all in my head mind you (a whole other topic…that deserves it’s own blog):

I always do better when I have something to work towards. Even if it’s my own goal (it doesn’t necessarily need to be some race, or…whatever else there is…?), it’s always proven to be a helpful thing for me.

Blame has been laid on my laziness, my vacation, my work…pretty much I’ve blamed it on everything under the sun. So this weekend I decided to snap back into it. Like Reese Witherspoon doing her best ‘bend and snap’.

It’s getting a tad on the chilly side, but I kind of like it. At least I prefer it to sweating to death in the summer. Who wants to sweat to death? Seriously?

To spice up the first venture (back on the wagon), I went for a trail run with my brother and our family dog. I huffed and puffed for a good portion of it…honestly, at least 3/4 of it. Bottom left photo is them waiting for me.

But it was so nice to get outside and do something different. And like any good “back on the wagon” member there was a minor hiccup. Please see below warning.

Slippery when snowy? I’d say so.

Bailed. Hard. Very hard. In the mud.

Regardless, I loved it (*when I was done. During the run I was cursing myself for slacking all these weeks).

Enough of this road running shit every night (since its dark when I get up in the morning, and then gets dark again by at least 2 in the afternoon these days, so it’s pretty much nighttime all day). Trails are where it’s at. That’s how I feel today, November 26th, but it could easily change by next week. I won’t make any promises. Change is the spice of life, right!? That’s not the saying, but close enough.

I continued on my dedicated exercise run (no pun intended), and got out yesterday and today. I had more energy tonight than I’ve had in a while. Not quite sure where it came from. But I’m definitely not going to question it.

In tandem with my new running streak, I’m also getting back on the quotes. They’re one of my favourite things out there. If you don’t like them, that’s cool. I won’t judge. But I love them, so since you’ve made it this far in the post, you might as well read it…and enjoy it :).

And it looks like The Babbler is back.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “First world problems.

  1. Trail running is no joke. My first (and only) trail run was a few months ago and it was soooososo tough. I was running up a damn mountain and felt like I was dying! Great job, and yay for cooler weather. I much prefer running when it’s cool out.

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