To compress or not to compress

Today – Street/path run (13.5km/75min)

There was a lot of energy comin’ out of this body today. Which was not the least bit completely shocking. Between my overly busy weekend of laying on the couch, drinking tea, and watching the last 3 Harry Potter movies I was probably in need of some serious energy expenditure outside.

Or we could just call a spade a spade:


I decided to run on a whim and not plan my route. Sometimes I have a route in mind, sometimes I don’t, and today was one of those “don’t” days. Don’t question it, just go with it.

I left the house this morning with zero intention of running very far. Actually I was quite prepared to walk for most of it and I’m pretty sure the only reason I even kept running was because I was so cold. So when I looked at my watch and it said 12k I didn’t really know what to think. This doesn’t happen very often. Me? At a loss for words? Mark this moment people. It might not happen again.

Could it have been the socks I was wearing? Those bright pink pretty things? Maybe. Maybe not.


I purchased this pair a couple weeks ago from Pro Compression, and am finally putting them to use to see for myself if they really do what they’re preached for doing.

Ever tried compression socks? Or tights?

They say you can use them during runs, but benefits are also seen in the recovery phase following a long run. So far I love them. If not because it’s Sunday night and my legs aren’t feeling their usual tight self (after a long run), but probably because I just want to love them. They’re florescent pink. How could you not love them.

On a completely separate topic, if you’re looking for a pretty amazing blog to follow that will give you a good read, allow you to learn a little something new every day, and probably give you a good giggle check this one out.


My brother (living in Denmark) and his fiancée (living in Canada) have come up with quite the concept. It’s impressive. I’m already addicted, and I recommend it to anyone reading this that wants to check it out. I could probably talk forever about it, so before you start drifting in and out, just head on over and see for yourself:

From Green to Blue

And a little something to leave you with…



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