Motivational Monday

Today – Street run (9.5km/50min)


Ya that’s what I thought too.

There was nothing interesting or out of the ordinary about my run tonight, so I’m just gonna keep this short and sweet.

We all need a little motivation every now and then right? Something to get us off the couch, into our running shoes, and out the door…


And if that doesn’t work, check this out:
After that super eventful and busy weekend of doing nothing, I rode the bus aaaaand the train back to the big smoke yesterday. I know, you’re probably thinking “wow, both the train and the bus?!”. Ya I was shocked too.

Not only did the bus smell like someone had shit themselves and forgotten to clean up, the guy to my left was aimlessly whistling while he was sleeping (one of my biggest pet peeves – the whistling, not the sleeping), the guy behind me was rolling joints (yes I pluralized that – he was rolling multiple mar-i-juan-a joints), and finally the guy in front of me was sitting with some giant steel-like contraption with screws and pointy things in his lap…this of course made him look completely awkward and uncomfortable. Which subsequently made me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

I tried to take a photo in the reflection of the guy behind me ’cause I thought it was funny, but he kept giving me a “what the hell are you doing” look every time I tried to be sneaky with no flash. So I reverted back to sitting there doing nothing and focusing on the grotesque smell emanating from every part of the bus.

Really this story has little to do with motivation in terms of exercise, but maybe it’ll motivate you me to pick a different seat on the bus next time.

Song of the day: Sweet Nothing – Florence + The Machine ft. Calvin Harris


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