30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Today – Street run (6.5km/35min )/15min power workout (see below)

Today was the first day of the winter season that there was actually a significant amount of snow ice on the ground. I really should know this by now – as soon as you step outside the smog infused big city, you get out into some fresh, clean air that actually experiences “normal” weather patterns.


That relatively small amount of snow stuck to the ground and I’m sure people scrambled for their winter boots and jackets. Me? I scrambled for some warming running gear. I came back to my parents place for the holidays, and didn’t exactly pack for these elements. That said, I really don’t mind running in snow – it just means dressing appropriately…layering is KEY.

I went for a short run today, and when I got home decided to do a quick 15min “power workout” to finish my workout:


I was taking a gander through Pinterest last night, and found a million and one options to choose from, but decided to try this one out. I did it two times through, and was pretty tired at the end of it. I’ll decide tomorrow morning if it was a good choice, which will be completely dependent on whether or not I can lift my limbs to get out of bed.

Today was the 1st day of my “30 Day Challenge”. I did something along these lines back at the beginning of the year, and haven’t done it since. Quite frankly, because I’ve been mucho lazy over the last 10 months.

30 Day Challenge Definition:

Get out and do at least 30min of physical activity for 30 days in a row. It doesn’t need to be an aggressive, hardcore workout everyday (because your body does need to rest), but it should be something that gets you off your butt and working up a bit of sweat each day.

There are so many options for exercise, you don’t need to head to the gym if you don’t want to:

30 day exercises

You could even try out some crazy at home dancing to your favourite old school Backstreet Boys classics. I use the word “classic” loosely. Exercise is exercise right?


This is a crazy time of year, and not to mention a time of year when we’ll be eating mountains of healthy delicious food. Everyone always says “I’ll wait until after the holidays and go hard to get back into shape”, or “It’ll be my New Years resolution to be healthy and not eat shit”, but quite frankly, why wait? Those are just excuses that put off the inevitable. So why not do it simultaneously. I always feel like crap when I haven’t worked a bit of some exercise into my daily routine, and like even more crap when I ALSO don’t eat properly. So why not whip in an extra 30 minutes of something over the holidays. I promise you’ll feel that much better.

Song of the day: Serena Ryder – Stompa

Motivation for the day:



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