Another Trans-Atlantic Christmas

Sunday (challenge day 2) – Street run (5km/28min) + 15min power workout

Yesterday (challenge day 3) – Street run (5.75km/34min)

Today (challenge day 4) – Street run (7.25km/45min)

Merry Christmas! It’s pretty crazy how fast this day comes (and goes). So much time, effort, and work is put into planning today, and it’s over before you know it! Regardless, it was a pretty phenomenal day – lots of eating, hanging out, playing games, and of course a drink or two was involved.


With my brother away (again), we put the beauty of that little thingy called the world wide web to good use. If we didn’t know any better, it was almost as though he was actually here in person. Good thing we know better.


We did however make a side pact, that this won’t happen again. No more being away for the holidays. No more newspaper articles about hanging out on Skype. It’s quite simply, not cool. Well the newspaper thing kind of is, but the being away for the holidays, not so much.


Are you a fan of Pinterest? Do you use it often?

I go in waves, but when I’m on, I’m on. And well this week has been, well, “on”. Feeling like the ever crafty person I am I’m not we tempted to make our own ornaments. And by “we”, I mean I convinced my brother’s fiancée to do it with me.


Of course this involved wine. Did you really think it wouldn’t?

The result? It wasn’t nearly as easy and quick as the website made it out to be. Just call me Little Miss Naive. Nor were the ornaments as perfect as they looked in the photos. But still, not too shabby for first timers.


Still trekking along on the 30 Day Challenge – the last few days have included mostly running outside and some of those power workouts I mentioned in my last post. The weather has been pretty ok minus the ice on the sidewalks, but this just means choosing a route that allows me to run for the most part on the roads. AKA busy roads bustling with traffic won’t do. As though that’s even an option in this town.

My runs have been a bit shorter than usual, and I blame that solely on the fact that I’ve been going in the only direction that has hills. Mmm yep, not quite sure about why I’m “choosing” to run hills…but so you have it. Was I feeling over eager? Sure. Let’s just leave it at that.

Song of the day: Chvrches – The Mother We Share

Motivation for the day:











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