Definitely worth waiting for

Friday (challenge day 7) – Street run (8.5km/45min)

Yesterday (challenge day 8) – Street run (8.5km/50min)

Today (challenge day 9) – Street/path run (9.5km/65min)

Still at my parents place for the holidays, we experienced a few massive dumps of snow. The beauty of living in the Kawarthas I suppose. As you can see by my times above, I’ve been a real record setter this weekend. The city has a serious problem with that wee thing we call “snow plowing” which subsequently makes running in the snow one million times harder.

That is correct,  I’ve accurately calculated the exact hardness of winter running. I don’t know why I work in advertising when I could clearly be a genius mathematician.

I swear during today’s run I felt as though I was running tires on the beach. Not something I felt like doing, which is why I’m so glad I had my brother’s fiancée to run with. It makes a HUGE difference running with someone…like, as in, you can’t quit slow down or stop whenever you feel like it.


This is one struggle I’ve had for a while. As much as I love running, and as much as I love how I feel when I’m finished running, getting myself out the door never gets easier. I find the time leading up to leaving, and the initial few minutes of the run as though it’s all I can do to push myself to get going. Usually come the 2nd or 3rd km I perk up and typically have more energy finishing than I did starting, but getting to the point is NO. EASY. TASK.

Strange. I know.





Song of the day: Marianas Trench – Stutter

Motivation for the day:



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