Closer than I was yesterday

Wednesday (challenge day 19) – Street run (6km/40min)

Thursday (challenge day 20) – Street run (4.5km/30min)

Friday (challenge day 21) – Leisurely walk outside (30min)

Saturday (challenge day 22) – Street run (7.5km/40min)

Today (challenge day 23) – Street run (9.5km/60min)

7 days left! The challenge has been a lot easier this time around than last. Something I was definitely not expecting.

The last two days, we’ve been majoring spoiled: +10 degrees in the middle of January? Where do we live? This has been unreal. Not only that, but honestly this nicer weather has put me in a fabulous mood! Nothing a little sunshine can’t fix, right?

I’m not going to get my hopes up though. If I remember correctly (which I usually do), this somewhat happened last year, and it turned ugly cold again. Fast.

So like anything and everything, I’m just enjoying it while it’s here.

Song of the day: Dan Croll – From Nowhere

Motivation for the day:



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