Conquering the world! Not.

Monday (challenge day 24) – UrbanEdge Bootcamp (60min)

Tuesday (challenge day 25) – Leisurely walk because I could barely move from bootcamp (30min)

Wednesday (challenge day 26) – Fail…I didn’t do anything other than walk from the subway to work…not 30mins worth

Thursday (challenge day 27) – Street run (7.5km/40min)

Friday (challenge day 28) – Street run (4.5km/30min)

Today (challenge day 29)) – BodyStep (60min) + BodyPump (60min)

I started the week off realllly well. At least I thought I did. Last summer I was all over Monday night bootcamp. I mean I craved Monday nights…like a fat kid craves delicious chocolate cake. But then I went into “winter mode”…a mixture of not wanting to work out in the cold, the realization it was now becoming severely dark before 5pm, and just a hint of laziness. Ok it was more than just a hint. So 3 months came and went faster than I could say “what the F am I thinking?!”.

So Monday night, I ventured over after work, full of motivation and ready to get back into the bootcamp swing. Needless to say, I figured I could jump right back in where I left off. Holy f**king wake up call. Once we were finished I kid you not, I texted a friend of mine to warn him that I was struggling to walk home, and to call the search party if I hadn’t sent a “I’M HOME AND ALIVE” message within an hour.

In case you’re wondering – I made it home.

Therefore, Tuesday night, instead of coming home from work and crashing on my couch I put on my running shoes and went for the mandatory 30min walk. It was slow…dangerously slow…I’m sure drivers by mistook me for a 90 year old woman…but I did it.

Wednesday was when I hit the fail mark. I went for dinner with my cousin after work, and after one wee a few big glasses of wine I a had zero interest in doing anything when I got home other than showering and going to bed. It’s a little frustrating in hindsight, considering I had made it 26/30 days,but whatcha gonna do? I’ll still finish out the 30 days, and there’s always next time. It’s a challenge…no one says you’ll be perfect, but it’s better to try then to not do it at all.

Which brings me to today. I went to the gym (for the first time in a while), because I was getting really tired of the outside running and power workouts at home. I needed a change up.

And a change up, I got. Feeling ever so eager beaver I ran to the gym (about 20min away), did a 60min Body Step class, and a 60min BodyPump class. After which I walked home…ever so slowly.












I obviously look exactly like both of these women when doing these classes…

Anyways, onto important things. I cam home feeling like I could CONQUER THE WORLD! exhausted but happy I woke up early and put in a solid work out. Bets on how I’m feeling tomorrow? I’d been willing to bet against myself. Exactly.

Now I’m on the couch baking cookies and watching a Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s marathon. You got that right. Gotta love Saturdays.

Song of the day: Bastille – Pompeii

Motivation for the day:



3 thoughts on “Conquering the world! Not.

  1. Good work Lizzie! I was feeling the same today- needed a switch up and also hit the gym… let me tell you, my shins are begging to go back to running outside! Treadmill + Al= disaster!

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